New Hope, In the Name of Christ

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What does it mean to see yourself as created in God’s image? To break through the strongholds that the enemy has placed on you for so long? To know you are called by a loving Savior to make positive changes in your life? Each of these realizations can lead to transformation. Each of these realizations is usually sparked by hope.

Our Renamed “New Hope Ministry”

As we move into our third year of our transformational ministry life skills classes, we knew we needed a name that speaks more to the heart of why our churches are offering them – New Hope Ministry. Through these classes, our churches are offering a second chance, restoring hope, and sharing love. Volunteers from our partner churches gain a deeper understanding of and connection with the men and women participating. They have a chance to witness firsthand the changes that happen when someone sees for the first time how they have true Kingdom worth, and how that leads to a new sense of hope for a radically different future.

The participants are truly witnessing The Church at work! Ms. E. recently shared, “I am so amazed by the way Love in the Name of Christ brings together the churches to work together for a good cause – that’s lifting up the fact that we are God’s children. It’s not about one church, it’s not about one person, it’s about groups working together, lifting up the light of God.”

Participants may be nervous to start. Twelve weeks seems like a long time to commit to anything! But through the volunteers from our churches showing up consistently for them, connecting with them throughout the week, caring for their children during class, they feel hope. And they persevere. They know (some for the first time) that someone truly cares for them.

A recent Affirming Potential graduate, Ms. J. shared, “I’m just glad I took the class. To other people, it’s just a certificate. Being a single mom with five children, [finishing] anything is beating the odds – just to say you accomplished something. There is support here, the daily texts every day. When you don’t have nobody, it’s really amazing that people want to see you be successful.”

Do you hear the hope in her message? New Hope Ministry invites more churches to join this partnership!


Join Our Churches in Sharing a New Hope

Loving your neighbor. Serving your community. Being part of the Body of Christ. There are so many reasons for your church to get involved in New Hope Ministry! And so many ways to do it…

  • Greet participants & volunteers: Can you smile? We need you! A smiling face is a great way to start the evening.
  • Join our on-site prayer team: Gather in a room nearby and pray for the participants and volunteers during class.
  • Provide child care: An essential part of helping our participants focus on their class time.
  • Prepare &/or serve the meal: We learn so much about each other when we break bread together!
  • Be a group discussion leader: Help our participants process the information they are learning.
  • Coach a participant: Share guidance and encouragement as our participants set goals and work toward them.
  • Attend a class: Participate in the class and gain some new skills yourself!
  • Pack incentive bags: Help put together gifts of paper goods & other items to help bless our participants as they work toward their goals.
  • Host a drive for incentive items: Get creative! Host a scavenger hunt with your small group, put up a collection box at your office, put those Thrivent Action Team grants to work. Check out the list of needs here.

Heading Back to Class

Classes begin in September, but it is never too late to join in! We meet Monday evenings at Christ Community Church in Zion and Wednesday evenings at First Presbyterian Church of Waukegan. Contact our Program Manager, Amy, to learn how your church can be part of sharing New Hope Ministry in our community!

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. ~Hebrews 10:23