Collecting for New Hope

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Your toddler knocks over a glass of milk. You grab a roll of paper towels to clean it up. Easy answer, right?

For some neighbors served by our partner churches, it isn’t that easy. Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials are not covered by food stamp benefits. They are often not available at food pantries either. Enter our partner churches and New Hope Ministry classes…

During our New Hope Ministry life skills classes, participants and volunteers from our partner churches build relationships and trust. Fellowship happens over dinner each week. Skills such as boundaries for healthy relationships, goal setting, and budgeting are learned in a safe, loving environment. And as participants are doing the hard work of completing homework and attending class, they can earn incentives! Our churches have the opportunity to relieve a bit of financial strain by sharing needed household items that aren’t readily available through other means.

A HUGE thank you to the churches and organizations serving our neighbors in need by collecting items for our New Hope Ministry incentives closet:

You can help us stock the shelves!

Consider running a drive at your church, with your youth group, or at your office. Have a birthday coming up? Ask your family & friends to use this gift list and share your special day with our New Hope Ministry participants. Key needs are spray cleaner with bleach and individually wrapped paper towels (although all items on this list are fair game). Contact Amy, our Program Manager, for more information.