Collecting for New Hope

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Your toddler knocks over a glass of milk. You grab a roll of paper towels to clean it up. Easy answer, right? For some neighbors served by our partner churches, it isn’t that easy. Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials are not covered by food stamp benefits. They are often not


Using Her Talents

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Meet Miss Hannah from Bethel Lutheran in Gurnee. She wanted to help people in need this Christmas. She & her brother & her friends drew pictures to sell. Dad was proud of her idea and told her he would match whatever they earned. Little did he know, they would make $120! Hannah chose to donate


Our “New” Home

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One of the best things about serving at Love in the Name of Christ is watching God provide for the ministry on a daily basis. We see it when items show up in the warehouse ‘just in time’ to make scheduled deliveries each week, when volunteers with just the right skills come forward when needed


The Fruits of Seeds Planted

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Many times, we don’t get to see full-circle what happens with a neighbor in need’s situation, but every once in a while God gives us a glimpse. Our Clearinghouse Coordinator, Karin, shared this story from last week:   “A neighbor recently served by Libertyville Covenant Church‘s furniture team stopped by today to donate several items and


Neighbors Giving Back

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One of the great things about Love INC is how our community comes together to share our blessings with those in need. Our furniture ministry is a great example of this at work. Teams from our partner churches pick up furniture from donor’s homes, bring it back to our warehouse for other volunteers to spruce


God’s Work Behind the Scenes: The Warehouse

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Supporting the many ministries here at Love INC of Lake County stands the behind-the-scenes work of the warehouse. Servants from our partner churches join together to repair furniture, pick out items for our neighbors in need, build starter kits, and strive to make sure that what leaves the warehouse is beautiful and inspires worship to